Runaway to Neverland;

Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.

Hey, I'm Kaitlyn. 19 years young. Oh yeah, and I'm in a long distance relationship with my amazing boyfriend of two years.

Did Hanna join Mona's army??


I was just thinking about Hanna‚Äôs behavior since Ali has been back. So, remember when Hanna went and had her makeover done bc she wanted to look like herself, not Ali anymore. We see Mona watching Hanna thru a glass with some other girl. What if Hanna went to Mona or vice versa about Ali? Mona…


marry someone whose laughter sounds better than your favorite song



cop: who the hell ordered all these pizzas

me: you said i got one phone call



You want a nose job? Sounds a little kinky but ill give it a go