Runaway to Neverland;

Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.

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I wouldn’t be surprised


  • if there is no ‘A’ 
  • If the liars had something to do with Bethany’s death
  • If Bethany really isn’t dead
  • If Bethany was really Black Widow
  • if the liars saw what actually happened that night but just don’t remember and that’s why they are being targeted by “A”
  • If Toby was actually ‘A’
  • If CeCe was “A”
  • If Alison attacked Bethany and then planned her fake “death” 
quick summary: willy wonka and the chocolate factory
i hate being poor
were going to the fun factory
hello naughty children its murder time

Look! It’s a 2.0 of Emily, Aria, Hanna and Spencer! This is Alison’s Army that we were all speculating about.. I still hope there’s more to the group.. Like CeCe and Noel.


ali and the liars 2.0?

you’ve got your emily because looks so in love with ali

then there’s the spencer, she just looks pretty smart to me?

then hanna, the blonde. that’s basically all i have for her.

and then aria, her hair is kinda similar and also aria would maybe wear that on one of her less extreme days.

this probably means nothing and was just the writers having fun but it’s still odd.

"The amount of blood in the house would indicate the victims wounds were fatal. We have ruled this a homicide."


This is what Holbrook says in the promo for 5x12 at the press conference. Doesn’t this sound like they don’t have the body? They’ve found a mess of blood, enough to know that someone wouldn’t survive after that much blood loss. I’m guessing someone carted the body away… that’s all I have for now.

What was up with Hannah crying in promo?


If they kill Caleb off the show because they don’t know how to redeem him from that monstrosity Ravenswood, ima be pissed. He was one of the best character and they literally shitted all over him. Having Ravenswood in previous seasons as just a “creepy town” was fine! All that paranormal BS was unnecessary.


I think Caleb’s depression about Ravenswood is actually the writers’ depression about Ravenswood.


Am I the only one that finds it not ok to put Caleb’s Ravenswood story into the Pretty Little Liars story? I didn’t watch Ravenswood and I felt like watching wasted minutes in todays episode! I really wanted an Ezria scene and something about Alison after the shocking closing scene in 5x10!


I really hope that oujia board thing isn’t foreshadowing Caleb’s death okay they can’t kill Caleb please don’t kill Caleb.


guys can we all think about a tiny little thing for a while

the story alison told the girls about the night she disappeared is obviously flawed

it does not fit in with what Melissa confessed